Top 10 Tips for Writing Email Subject Lines that Get Opened

Your email is important. You want your audience to read it. But as your potential reader is scanning their inbox their index finger is resting on the mouse. Your email is one short click away from the trashcan. How do you hook people to open your email?

Whether or not someone opens an email is almost entirely based on the subject line. (Sure – other factors like familiarity with the sender plays a part, but 9 times out of 10 it’s the subject line that decides it.) That’s why your #1 goal in writing a subject line is to get people to open your email. That’s it. Once in, your #1 goal for your email is to get the reader to click your link. That’s it.


How to Write Your Bio to Attract More Clients

As an independent professional or business owner who is interested in easy ways to attract new business, you may or may not realize that having a quality bio is a big key to opening the right doors quickly.

To help you attract more money, clients, and media attention automatically, I invite you to invest less than 10 minutes to view an excellent video created by my client and Extreme Bio Makeover Expert Nancy Juetten.