Need a Business Boost?

Need a business boost? Something to jumpstart your income that doesn’t take a lot of time and effort? Here’s a simple business strategy that can change your life. I stumbled on this idea one day while I was coaching a client over the phone…

Her name is Sophfronia Scott and she helps authors write their books. She’s a published novelist herself and wanted to help other aspiring writers learn the business of becoming a novelist. But as she tried to market her excellent program, she got more and more frustrated. Why do you think that happened?

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What’s Your Business Growth Strategy?

As an entrepreneur you can eliminate at least half the stress and burden you may be carrying right now IF you have the right business growth strategy. What I’m about to show you should take some of the bricks off your back and give you the freedom to really take off in your business.

Let me take you on a journey. Let’s get into a virtual hot air balloon and look at your business landscape from a higher perspective. I’m about to introduce you to a business growth strategy that is profound in its simplicity and implications… I call it “The Entrepreneur’s Path.”

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Passive Revenue is a Myth!

Here’s a BIG success principle I’m eager to get off my chest about passive revenue…

Passive Revenue is a Myth!

It’s a myth because it ignores or tries to sweep under the rug all the work it takes to set up and maintain the so-called “passive revenue”.

And I’m guilty in the past of seeding this idea. But I want to come clean today and say it’s a myth… and… there is a MUCH better way, a much more accurate way, to think about this.

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Time Management Secrets for Entrepreneurs

Here’s is the best time management secret I know. Because entrepreneurs get overwhelmed easily with everything that happens to start and grow a profitable business. We can’t help it! We’re driven to see our vision come to light. But often that means we sacrifice time to slow down, take care of ourselves and enjoy the people in our lives. There is a solution to master your time – even if you’re a crazy, creative entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs thrive with a little discipline and structure. And this is especially true with time management. By following this simple time management secret, you’ll free up more time in your schedule and enjoy more freedom in your life.

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How to Write a Special Report

It’s shocking how many leads and clients you can get with a special report. A simple 10 to 20 page document powers more punch for your marketing strategy than any other tool. Every day you can have people pounding at your door hungry to hire you when you use a special report (also called a white paper).

And writing a special report doesn’t have to be complicated. Even if you hate writing this is easy to do…well, as long as you use my proven 7 point outline to guide you. Simply answer the following questions and voila — you have your special report ready to be your client magnate.

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Business Coach James Roche Interviewed by Ka Sundance

One of my clients, Ka Sundance, interviewed me last week about what it takes to get started in business. I really appreciate who Ka is and the wonderful work he’s doing.

Ka is living the lifestyle so many entrepreneurs want – he currently lives in Costa Rica with his wife and kids. If you are interested in having a coach help you overcome the mindset blocks that hold you back from living a full, rich life, I highly recommend you talk with Ka at read more…

5 Steps to Create an Information Product of Your Own

Information products are where it’s at for creating extra streams of income. In this video I share with you how to easily take the knowledge in your head and packaging it into a book, ebook, audio program, workbook, teleclass, live event, special reports, etc.

With information products of your own you’ll not only increase your income but also gain prestige and credibility in the eyes of your prospects and the media. Info marketing makes it easy for you to share your gifts with more people around the world.

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The ONLY Three Ways to Increase Your Income

It’s easy to increase your income once you see there are three and only three ways to do it. You don’t need to come up with something completely new in order to get big results. You have access to these three ways to increase your income already at your fingertips.

And you don’t have to look outside of your current business. All you have to do is sharpen your pencil and get a bit creative. Let’s take a look…

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2 Keys to Finding Your Marketing Message

Your marketing message is the phrase that describes the problem you solve and what makes you unique in the eyes of your ideal client. It’s also called a USP, unique selling proposition, hook, and irresistible offer… and you need to have one.

But many entrepreneurs and small business owners get tripped up trying to come up with their marketing message. The biggest mistake they make is talking about the process of what they offer. The process of what you do might be cool and exciting to you, but it’s not to your prospects.

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